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Professional Web Design Solutions

These days, whether your business is customer facing or stictly B2B, you likely need a website to be competitive. The facts are that 70-80% of people research the company that they intend to do business with before they make contact or a purchase; this includes businesses and municipalities. Not having a professional website could result in you losing out on that customer, missing that bid or not winning that contract that we all know is essential to the growth of your business.

Increase your brand's visibility with digital marketing services from Noir GraphX in Dallas, TX.
Increase your brand's visibility with digital marketing services from Noir GraphX in Dallas, TX.


Our world is more connected now than ever before. A review of people's online searches contain everything from self-help to homes, and everything inbetween, but what are we really searching for? Information! Where to eat, what movies to see, and where, where to buy that sweater that we saw. You already juggle a lot, let us handle your digital marketing. With over 10 years of experience building digital marketing solutions, Noir GraphX can help your business be the "where".

Give our experts a call at 1-800-518-4641 and allow us help place your business in the spotlight! Prefer a quick quote? No worries, click below to get a bid on your project!

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Professional Web Design.. Simple Processes.. A Divine Match

We don't believe that the web design process should be complicated, so cut out the "extra" steps and technical jargon that means very little to those who aren't computers or web developers. From quote to launch we keep your experience as simplistic as possible...

At the risk of sounding "cliche", it's really as easy as 1, 2, 3.

The Quote

Request a quote via our all-new distraction free quote form experience.

The Project

Join us for our project kickoff meeting. Here we discuss the project goals, introduce you to our content collection system and set project expectations. After this we get to work! Using data that we've collected on your business, business needs, industry standards and competitors, we craft a solution that give you the competitive edge.

The Launch

We conduct beta testing, invite you to test, review for final changes, and then it's BLAST OFF!! If you've selected us for further maintenance and marketing services, you will begin receiving monthly touchpoints aimed at keeping you out in front of your target audience.

Web Design

Please bare with us as we update our web design library. If you see a feature, web service, aspect of design or idea that you'd like to implement (that is also non-proprietary) let us know. We'd love to help you put your own unique spin on it.

please note: The only web projects that will appear in this area are projects that still retain at least 65% of the original design work and does not account for current online performance as some sites may have been altered and/or no longer managed by Noir GraphX. If you have any questions please contact us directly at (214) 272-9379.

The Name Noir

... and what it means to us

Our name, as well as logo was inspired by the classic Film Noir cinematic filming style that captured a whole era of people who'd never seen anything so dramatic and captivating, yet simple.. because greatness doesn't need to be complex. Everything from our methods to the way we execute our projects are made with only (2) things in mind, your business and your target audience.

As if a line right out of an old Bogart picture, we must ask "Would you like to see your name in lights sweetheart?".. Let us place your business in the spotlight! Call us today at (214) 272-9379. Prefer to communicate through email? We understand, you can also reach us via email at or request a quick quote by clicking on the button below.

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Film Noir classic, inspiring the methods and artistic direction of Noir GraphX since 2018.